Save With Solar Energy

Save With Solar Energy

Learn about the solar tax credits available in Farmington and Fredericktown, MO

The team at Casa Del Solar, LLC is dedicated to helping you save big with solar power. Not only can you ditch your monthly energy bill and cut ties with the power company, but your Farmington and Fredericktown, MO property might also qualify for federal solar tax credits. Most existing houses and newly constructed homes are eligible for significant tax savings.

Do you own a second home? Adding solar panels to your principal and secondary property might help you save even more.

For more details about the solar panel tax credit, call Casa Del Solar now at 573-631-7420.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer

The solar panel tax credit available to homeowners in Farmington and Fredericktown, MO and the surrounding area has never been larger. Act now to qualify for the incredible savings. Property owners who install solar panels before December 31, 2019 are eligible for a 30% tax credit. Homeowners who wait until 2020 qualify for a 26% tax credit, and in 2021, the credit drops to 22%.

Don't wait any longer to save with solar tax credits. Contact Casa Del Solar today to get started on your solar panel installation project.