Frequently Asked Questions

Is Solar A Good Choice For Me?

Do you want to save the earth for future generations? Do you want to be prepared just in case basic services break down? Do you want to stabilize your energy bill in case the power company continues to raise their rates? Then yes, solar is for you.

Is Solar Too Expensive?

The initial installation can seem pricey but if you can take advantage of the tax bennefits, your system will pay for itself in about 11-13 years. After that, everything it produces is free energy.

Why Ground Mounted
Solar Arrays?

For those with a small amount of open area near their home, ground mounted solar is the best choice. Installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement is greatly simplified. There are also no concerns with roof loads or leaks.

Why not mount my panels on my roof?

Most homes have asphault shingles which have a rated lifespan of 15-25 years but most won't last more than 20. Modern solar panels are expected to last for 30-40 years unless they have to be removed in order to replace an aging roof. Also, rooftop solar mounts require that holes are made through the shingles and into the roof. Every extra screw or fastener is yet another chance for a leak.

No batteries? Why not?

Dependent on your needs, most do not need a battery back-up for thier solar. Why do you need batteries? How often does your power go off and stay of for a considerable amount of time? Does your provider leave you without power for days at a time on a regular basis?
Although battery technology is moving forward, the average cost of batteries and their reletively short lifespan make them a poor choice for most solar customers. Instead, use the grid as your battery.

How can I figure out just what size system I need?

kilowatt hour?
A kilowatt is a measure of power and a kilowatt hour is a measure of energy
The kW is often referred to as "demand" and the kWh as "usage" or "consumption".
Head spinning yet? Let the professionals at Casa Del Solar design the perfect sized system for you.

Not all solar panels are created equal.

Currently there are 3 types of solar panels that are produced and sold commercially. Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cells Thin-Film Solar Cells What's the difference? Efficiency and cost. Let Casa Del Solar help you decide what will work best for your installation.